Partnering With PBI to Develop Continuing Legal Education Programs


Since August 2003, the Philadelphia Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) have had a cooperative agreement to jointly develop high-quality continuing legal education for Philadelphia Bar Association members. An important aspect of this relationship is to produce CLE programs in conjunction with the sections and committees of the Association. The Agreement recognizes that providing a broad spectrum of high-quality and affordable continuing legal education is paramount to establishing and maintaining a superior level of competence among the members of the legal profession in order to serve the public’s interest. PBI provides many services to the sections and committees of the Association in order to facilitate delivery of CLE to the Philadelphia legal community, including program planning, faculty recruitment, marketing, production of course book materials and the recording of many of its programs. The Philadelphia Bar Association and the PBI enjoy a highly productive relationship, collaborating on programs of particular interest to Philadelphia lawyers.

Under the agreement between the Philadelphia Bar Association, and PBI, PBI is the sole accredited provider for every course that you wish to develop for which CLE credit is desired.

The ideas and energy of the sections and committees have broadened and improved the PBI curriculum, and every member of the PBI staff has a firm commitment to work with the sections and committees. PBI will sometimes suggest ways to modify the format or timing of a planned program in order to achieve the best presentation and attendance possible.

PBI looks forward to working with this year's section and committee leaders. A member of PBI's staff would be happy to attend one of your meetings to discuss CLE planning and answer any questions you might have. Whenever you decide to plan a course for which CLE credit is desired, you need to contact Lisa Muench, Esq. ( (215) 965-5521,, or Tara Phoenix ( (215) 965-5526,, both located at the CLE Conference Center located on the 10th floor at the Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia.

 Handbook updated as of December 10, 2015.

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